Most Popular Christmas Songs (Best songs list)

We have listed some mostPopular Christmas songs for you all.

Music is like a soul to any festival in this world. And it stands true to its saying when it comes to Christmas celebrations. Over the years, we saw some of the great music being made in the world for the Christmas.

And there are so many plays that children do for this Christmas occasion, and that involves the some of the fantastic songs. But the questions remains what are the merry Christmas songs that are popular.

Let’s scroll down the page and see what we have for you in the list of most popular Christmas songs!

List of  Popular Christmas Songs

Following are the five popular Christmas songs to sing on the Christmas day and make the day special!


Jingle Bell Jingle Bell

I don’t know what times this song have been into the market. I mean this song has something in it, and it somehow provides the different type of feeling to your soul. Thus, it got placed in the list of popular Christmas songs. 

And the best part is that we can play it on any musical instruments that you want.

James Pierpoint in 1857 wrote and gave Christmas music for this song, and is among the highest selling labels for Christmas songs. There wouldn’t be a list of most popular Christmas songs without this Christmas carols lyrics. 

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

It is the another Christmas song lyrics that is dedicated to the Christmas festival. It was published by a person named as William B. Sandys in 1833 and lyrics are as the follows-God rest you merry, Gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay.

Since it is a very ancient and one of the popular Christmas carols, it is being played on various instruments. Still some people are not having correct explanation or meaning of the first line of this song.

O Holy Night

This famous Christmas song was written by two people named as J.S.Dwight & A.C.Adam and the music was also given by these two. This Christmas song lyrics starts like this O holy night, the stars are brightly shining.This is also, sung by the school children on every occasion, preferred to be played and performed by a group of people at the festival of Christmas.

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

This merry Christmas song is among the very ancient songs dedicated to the Christmas and was written by the Nahum Tate around 1700 A.D. 

Since it’s been quite a time, that it was published, there are plenty of versions dedicated to it. And you can play it with any instrument and that too without any high number of people with you.

There are two versions of it; one is sung in the United Kingdom and another one is sung in the United States.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

It is one of the traditional Chrismas songs which was first published in the year 1780 but was without any music, was just chanted like a rhyme. But in the year, a musician named as Frederic Austin gave music to this song in the year 1909.

As per the lyrics of this Christmas song, they denote the 12 days of the Christmas that concludes on 25 December. But in different languages they have its versions because the earlier song is supposed to be in the French and had to be translated into several other languages.

We hope that this list of most popular Christmas songs would help you to bring out the Christmas spirit with excellent lyrics. Merry Christmas!!!

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