Play 2014 Christmas Shopping, cooking, party games online

Games are the best way to beat your stress out and what occasion can be best than Christmas. There are ample amount of online games available for the themes related to Christmas. So this Christmas bring out the child inside yourself and play these cool online games, we have a list of Christmas shopping, cooking and party games which you can play online. You can Play 2014 Christmas Shopping, cooking, party games online.
A brain tweak and fantastic game to play with. This has been in to the top slot for quite some time. A game is all about how you draw a path for your players and keeping mind the slops so that he can get the speed. And since there are so many adjustments in the snow path, you have to run your brain a little.
You can play it here:
Santa Vs. Jack
Another game which I liked the most. And I am sort of addicted to this piece of software. You are playing of santa, who has to deliver all the gifts on time. Each times you deliver a gift, you are warded with certain points. Looks simple isn’t it, but not. 

As there are so many obstacles coming in your way. So keep an eye on them and deliver your gifts on time. There is a very nice clock on the bottom of the screen and I liked very much.

Ashton’s Family Resort
Those who are interested in management type of games, then this one is for them only. What you have to do in this game is to keep your guests happy. Like arranging firewood for them, cleaning their cabin etc. 

Sort of interesting game as you have a feeling of responsibility in it and you get credits as per your performance.

You can try it here:
Thin Ice
Thin Ice is all about skating on the surface of thick ice. Well it is not that simple as it looks. Your controls needs to be better if you want have a nice score in this game. For passing each level, move in to a circle, which drowns the monsters in water. So sort of skill game and you will love to play it. With each passing level, difficulty goes on increasing and your controls over the skate needs to be better. 

And while circling, you need to be careful as to protect yourself from monsters. Although it is a mini game, but looks like those of premium type. I enjoyed playing it.

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Santa’s Chimney Trouble
You have to correct the order, so that smoke of the chimney can go out of the house. So sort of planning games, and you get certain amount ducts only to make the passage correct. 

You can think of these pipes games when we used to make a correct pipeline. So, I liked and will recommend all of you to try this once.

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