Merry Christmas wish list 2014| best wishes

Wishlist starts with Merry Christmas 2014. Merry Christmas is that auspicious occasion in the Christian religion in which they celebrate the birth of god ‘Jesus Christ’. On this very occasion, Jesus Christ came to the world in human form and then spread the message of god among people.Best Merry Christmas wishlist 2014 are given below-
Since this is such an auspicious occasion in the whole year, people tend to celebrate it in a big way. A big celebration includes things like tree decorations, different cuisines, carols, gifts etc. Since this is a main carnival in the Christian religion, people tends to spend lot money during this time. Best wishes for the festival is given below.

Often people have different plans like organizing home parties, decorating trees (Christmas Tress), and exchanging gifts. Food is the major portion of every festival in this world and it stands true here also. From international foods to traditional ones, medley of dishes can be seen on the dining table around this time of the year. 
Cookies are made in large number at home and whosever makes it, gets a different attention from the people around there.
Since this part of the year is considered very propitious, people tends to make wishes. Everybody has different wishes of their own, like the one related to life etc. But there are some of the wishes that are very common and the list for it is here:
Some of the common wishes that are seen:
1)     Wish of owning a good house at the coming Christmas.
2)     Having a good job, with good salary.
3)     Completing High school and moving towards specialization.
4)     Owning a Brand new luxury car.
5)     Celebrating next Christmas with your family members.
6)     Wish of having children.
7)     Roaming the whole world next year.
8)     Visiting your favorite location.
So these are some of the wishes that are heard from the people.
Preparations for the Christmas festival are carried 10 days before it. Shops are full of all sorts of things there needed for the celebrations. Christmas trees (Original and Duplicate) are in great demand. Usually 5 to 6 families buy a single Christmas tree and then they decorate them as per their needs. Generally they hang gifts on the Christmas tree, and also decorate the tree with different type of lights. 

It takes one day long work to effectively decorate the tree and if the tree is long, then it may take some more time. Nowadays there are ample amount of services that deals in Christmas decorations, but they can be little bit costly.

Since food is that main part of celebrations- wine, cookies, muffins, turkey, desserts, pork, etc are available in shops in large quantities. Children are interested in the candy and gifts, so exchanging of gifts on this festival are seen quite a lot, and this could be the reason why stores have special discounts and offers on the gifts. Some of the common gifts are cookies, play stations etc.
So this was all from this articles and if you have suggestions related to it, feel free to comment below. I hope you like 2014 christmas best wishlist.

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