Christmas party Games best ideas 2014

We represent best 2014 Christmas games party ideas for our readers. Christmas night is quite of social life coming alive. Dinner, prayers, games, etc is what defines this festival. One such event which is loved by all people and you can say that eagerly awaited by all people, are games. Over the years (Most importantly in last 10 years), there are plenty of ideas originated for the same. Let’s see what ideas we have for this wonder occasion.

Word Find
Those who love playing with words, then this are interesting game for them. In this you have to use the Christmas card and then in that everybody has to make a smaller word. Whosoever makes the smallest word in the stipulated time wins the game. The more words you make, you will win it.
Two truths and a lie

This is another game which is loved by people. As name suggests, you have to tell three stories, out of which two are truth and one is a lie. 
Best thing about this game is that, everybody can participate in it. Now adding more excitement to this, you can start a series in which you have to pick which is a lie and which is not.

Snowman building contest

Liked by everyone very much. Players need accuracy and speed in it. And since this done can be done in open, lot of people can participate in it. Small size snow men are preferred so that each one can have their chance to participate in the game. But will only be done where there is snow.
Player as Christmas tree

Decorate people in form of Christmas tree. Whosoever does it fast and also beautifully, wins this game. Good thing is that, people love it and it can have lot of excitement involved in to it. Lots of people love this as other person who is being decorated, keeps the other people laughing.
Ornament guess

Everybody has to guess number of ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree. Funny part is that, whosoever guesses the closest wins this. Instead of ornament you can ask for other things also. It can be made more fun, by making teams.
Truth and Dare

One of the common, but yet the best one. Take bottle or pen and place it in middle of a table. Now spin it in clockwise direction. On whatever side it stops, that person has to choose Truth or Dare. It is the most played game and everybody loves this one.
Musical Chair

Another common, but yet the exciting one. You have to arrange 5 to 6 chairs in a row depending upon the number of people who are participating in it. 
People have to roam around the chairs till the time music is going on. As soon as the music stops, everybody has to stop and sit. The one who is not able to sit, have to again start or get out of the game.
So these are some of the ideas for Christmas party games you can have. 

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