Best Christmas Craft Ideas For kids

This Christmas indulge your children in making beautiful crafts through the best Christmas craft ideas.
We picked up some of the easy, yet adorable Christmas craft ideas to create and make them happy with the new gifts on Christmas. 
So, let’s see some cheap Christmas gifts for kids in this post. The best samples and craft ideas for Christmas are given below!

4 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids To Make

Check the following kids Christmas crafts to award the youngsters in your family!


1)    Walnut Boat

Yeah, you can make a cool boat out of that not large one, but yes a good looking one. Things you will need are Walnut shell, Clay, Colored papers and few toothpicks.
Now starting putting clay on the side surface of the walnut. And also put some in the middle also. Let the clay set for 5 minutes. Now take three toothpicks and three different colored papers of 2cm height and 1.5 cm breadth.
Now with the help of toothpicks and paper, make sails. Starting putting them in walnut shell and your boat is ready to sail.
This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for kids that would make them delight. 
2)    Garland with Coffee Filters
You can make an interesting one out of them. How? Let see it.
You will need some coffee filters, some markers, and Water color paint, thread (Thick), Scissors, Brush, and Punch machine.
Now take filter paper and outline leaves sizes with the help of marker on it. Take markers of different colors for it. Now take water colors and paint these leaves. The filter will soak the colors and in then end you will see great color combination coming through it.

Make at least 12-14 leaves like so that you get a real garland out of it. Now punch each leaf from the steam side of it and starting inserting the thread. Like this make the garland, with equal space between them. Let it dry for few minutes.

Now, the exciting kids Christmas craft is ready to gift for them.

3)    Leaf Painting

Well, this is the easiest kids Christmas craft, but adorable too. You need to have the leaf of different sizes of the different plant. Now get some watercolors of different shades. 1m/1m table cloth is suitable for painting.
Take a flat plate or you can use the flat surface. Starting dipping leaves in to it and start pasting them on cloth. Make sure that you press so that, the correct impressions of the leaves are left on the cloth.
Offering the leaf painting would be an awesome Christmas gift for children so that they enjoy with the pleasurable kids Christmas craft.

4)     Corn Necklace

Yes, you can use corn to make necklace also. All you need to have is colored corn. You can color them by dipping in the watercolor or can get from the farms.
Take around hundred seeds of it. Now take stitching needle, with an active thread into it. Take a corn seed each time and start making a necklace out of it. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself while inserting the needle into the seed.

When you are sure that is will hang on your neck pretty well, cut the thread and tie a knot at the end. Your corn neck is ready to be worn. You can also make a long necklace and then cut it and divide into various sizes. It will save your time of making new ones every time. 

So, be ready to see the happiness of your kids through this Christmas craft for kids on the festival day. 

So these were some of the Christmas craft ideas for kids that you can use to make gift this eve of Christmas. 

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