Best Merry Christmas Carols For Kids

You have reached the Merry Christmas carols for kids post!!!
Carols have been associated with Christmas for quite long time and the impression this has on it, is surely an adorable factor.
Carols are musical compositions that are sung by the people on the eve of Jesus Christ Birth. Over the years, due to the contribution of several great musicians and lyricist, some of the fantastic are produced.
Each Language has its different carol like French, English etc. Here in this post we will discuss some of the famous Christmas carols for kids all around World. 

6 Top Christmas Carols For Children 

Following are the best popular Christmas carols for kids to make them feel delightful!


Jingle Bells

Lyrics of this famous carol are like this ……Dashing through the snow, and the piano covers goes on.
This Christmas music for kids is the most famous one and has its version in various languages too. And this has been associated with coming of Santa Clause. As it is the popular Christmas Carols for kids, we have listed in this post. 
O Little Town of Bethlehem
O little town of Bethlehem, ……is how the song starts. You can get lyrics at various portals. Rector Phillips Brooks wrote the lyrics of this song and he was inspired by the serene environment the he saw in his visit to Bethlehem city. Thus we have mentioned it in the list “Christmas Carols For Children“.
Carol of the Bells
Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells … as how we start the song. Now coming to the main part, this song was written by famous Ukraine Musician Peter Wilhousky.
This is one of the well-known kids Christmas songs that discusses the tradition that are carried out on the occasion of Christmas like pealing of church bells. A nice piano cover soothes this song very well and can be sung by group of people together.
The Holly and the Ivy
This kids Christmas song was composed by a person named as Cecil Sharp. It is some of the old carols that have known to us. Its lyrics starts like this the holly and the ivy, a very soothing music is there when guitar and piano mix each other sound.
As per the lyrics, it teaches of surviving the harsh condition as holly and Ivy does.
I saw three ships
Although we don’t know the author of this but the kind of lyrics it has is seriously something you cannot forget. The deep meanings these words hold is surely impeccable. And repetition of lyrics at various places makes sure that it is in rhythm.
I saw three ships come sailing in, ……these are the lyrics of it.
Silent Night
One of the most famous carol till now and have been there for quite long. This was made in the 19th century and then became very popular. As per the legends it as was written by Joseph Mohr, an Austrian. Mostly guitar is used as playback music for it. And the lyrics goes like this Silent night, holy night……. And then the music cover begins. 
So these were some of the best Christmas carols for kids that are mostly played during this occasion. we hope that these Christmas music for kids will help to choose a suitable carol to sing in group on the Christmas eve for your beloved kids.  

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