Best Merry Christmas menu ideas for party 2014

Wait is over now. christmas menu ideas for 2014 party celebration are out.  As December descends in, people start planning for the Christmas party and why they shouldn’t as this is the major festival that comes one time in the whole year. But it can be a cumbersome process that to be selected menus for the Christmas party. So, here I will explain best Merry christmas menu party menu ideas.

While some of the people prefer to go out for the parties, the major part of the crowd still prefers to remain at the home. The reason for this can attributed from the fact that, this gives more personal touch to the celebrations and you can alter the menus as per your needs.

As times have changed, the menu that are decided for the Christmas parties have changed a lot, thanks to the globalizations that are taking place in the food sector. Now scene is like that, people have menus that have major part contributing towards the foreign dishes. 

But menus are not restricted to one dish only, there are ample amount of other things too and they are essential for them. For example, desserts or wine are as necessary as the main food. Parties are organized in the night time only, but if you are planning a whole day celebrations then surely things will be different.

One thing which I want to tell you before make you aware about the menus are that, if you organize your menus in sub menus then surely things will work out good for you. How? Well if you have specified plans for the beverages and appetizer, let say, then surely things will be more systematic and clearer to you. Now it depends upon on you as how you will be able organize these.

Menu 1 for the Christmas Party
Pear and Sparkling Cider Cocktails can be added for the brunch.
Turtle Brownies can be added as a dessert.
Springs rolls can be go side by side.
For the mains you can have a large turkey.
Menu 2 for the Christmas Party
Applesauce Coffee Cake as a dessert.
Maple-Bacon Quiche for the main food.
For salad you can add Endive and Radish Salad.
A Fried potato with spiced green sauce is great side by side.
Menu 3 for the Christmas Party
Beef Tenderloin can be added as the main food and Potatoes Ana can go sided be side.
Chocolate Fudge is all time favorite dessert.
Tuscan-Roast Turkey Breast can go for main food.
Roasted Boar with Mostarda is also good.
So these are the menus that you can try on this Christmas occasion. You can add more dishes in to as per your need. Because regions wise there are so many other things that are famous among the people. 

Some people prefer to eat turkey, while some prefer to eat pork on this occasion. So it depends upon on you, how you want to do it. Wine and chocolate with it is also necessary and you can add more items as per your need.

If you want to share with us your menus or dishes, then you are open to do it and we would like to see that. Merry Christmas 2014 menu ideas for party are given above.

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