Best Merry Christmas desserts 2014 after dinner

Want to know best Christmas desserts 2014 after dinner– Yes, we have best Christmas desserts for you.Certainly any festival is not complete without different types of cuisines that are served on these occasions. Christmas is also such festival that involves lot of fun and obviously food. Food can be of different types, usually what people like the most. But after the dinner there are lot of other things, that makes the feast the ‘complete one’. One such thing is Desserts, and they are must. 

Over the years we have seen a surge in different varieties of desserts that are made in different part of the world. Either you make them at home or bought from the market, that depends upon you. But they are must and they need to be on the dinner table.
Following are some of desserts that we have for you today and recipes are also given:
1)     Boozy chocolate bombes
What you need:
White chocolate- 200g
Dark Chocolate-50g
Irish cream liqueur- 100 ml-110ml
Butter- 100g
Instant Coffee: 2 teaspoons
Vanilla Extract-1 teaspoons
Plain Flour- 100g
Cocoa- 1 teaspoon
Bicarbonate Soda- ¼ Teaspoon
Brown Sugar- 140g
Eggs- 2
Yogurt- 85g
For making the Chocolate Mousse
Dark chocolate needs to be 50g
1 egg
Caster Sugar-50g
Cream-75 ml

How to make it?
1)     First thing is to prepare your microwave or the oven. Preheat it at 180 C. After that properly grease the pudding moulds with help of butter. You can also place the parchment paper as it helps to remove the material easily after baking.
2)     Now to make sponges, you need to first take butter, chocolate, and coffee in a bowl and heat them little so that can mix well. Add vanilla to it. Let the material cool.
3)     Take another bowl and mix cocoa, bicarb and flour with each other. Now pour this over sugar. Mix with hands. 
4)     Take a jug and put eggs and yoghurt. And mix them well. 
5)     Now add all the material that you have prepared at one place. Make sure that you don’t have any lumps left.
6)     Start putting these mixtures in the mould and put them in oven. Wait for 30 minutes. Best way to check whether everything is done or not, is by inserting a tooth pick in it. If it comes out clean, then it means your cake is ready, keep them in fridge.
7)     Now comes the part to make chocolate mousse.
8)     Melt the chocolate in a bowl and cool it for some minute. Now add egg yolk and stir it. In the other bowl, take the egg white and whisk it, when it becomes thick, leave it. In another bowl, take cream and whisk it. Now add the cream to the chocolate preparations and then add the egg white also. Mix them until the mixture looks same color.
Now take the cakes, put the chocolate mousse over it and pour the melted white chocolate over it. Do the final touches like putting extra decoration on to it.
So this was all you have to do, to make this wonderful dessert. Do share your experience of making it and also add some suggestions if you want to. I hope you like best 2014 Christmas desserts after dinner.

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