Best Christmas Pudding Ideas

Now, it is time to list some Best Merry Christmas pudding ideas.
In my previous post, I explained about Merry Christmas 2014 desserts and I would like to reveal some Christmas pudding ideas.
On the Eve of Christmas, we see great Christmas puddings being served on the dining table. Christmas pudding is none special, but just normal pudding but with lot of varieties.
And market is awash with these desserts. But most of the people prefer it to make at home and for those people who are planning to do so, we have this post for them. We have a lot of recipes for you and method of making some of them is given here.
1.      Meringue cake with rosewater cream
2.      Summer berry cheesecake
3.      Strawberries ‘n’ cream trifle
4.      Raspberry ripple trifle
Let’s discuss the details of some of them.
How to make Meringue cake with rosewater cream?
To prepare the Meringue cake with rosewater cream as the — ingredients you need:
Egg whites of 9 eggs
Sugar- Caster type-400gm
Cream, properly whipped and needs to be 900ml
Yoghurt-5 tablespoon
Icing Sugar- 150g and also for decoration purposes
100ml- rosewater
Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries as per your need
For making the sugared petals, you need to have leaves of rose, caster sugar and egg white (1)
How to make it:
First make the rose petals. Take 1 egg white in bowl and dip rose petals in to it and then spread caster sugar over it. Now place a baking paper over a plate and let the leaves dry over it for 2-3 hours.
Now you have to heat the oven at 120o. Now pick a baking sheet and draw some circles over it. Make sure that, you draw three and each should differ by 5-10 cm. Let’s take 7, 14, 21 cm.
Take a bowl and add egg white and sugar. Mix them well. Now spread them on circles and add to oven for baking. After 10 minutes reduce the temperature to 100 Celsius and then bake for further 75 minutes. But do keep a check in between. They are prepared when they are crisp and dry. Keep them away for cooling.

Now take the largest circle prepared earlier and put cream, yoghurt, icing sugar and rosewater in this sequence. After that put all the berries- Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries randomly. 

You first circle is complete. Now prepare the next circle which lesser in size and same with the last i.e. smallest circle or disc. Place them over each other. At the top, place the rose petals that you have prepared in the first step. 

You can then sprinkle the icing over it and it gives icing look to your desert.
Your pudding will be best, when you bake it very good. So keep checking for the hardness or softness as per your need. You can do this by placing a toothpick in middle of it. If it comes out clean, then it means your baking is almost complete.
So this was all from our side. I hope you like best Christmas pudding ideas.

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